About us

Bana Children and Young People First (CYPF) Semi Independent Unit is a UK registered company that provides semi-independent accommodation for newly arrived asylum seekers and care leavers, and provided support to young people in transitioning towards independent living.  


We are a small, dedicated team of experienced professionals from the social and youth work sectors, with extensive experience working with care leavers and young people from diverse backgrounds. We have worked with a range young people from asylum-seeking and refugee backgrounds including Syria, Albania, Eritrea, Romania, Ethiopia, as well as from the UK. 


We seek to empower young people with skills they need and deserve to lead successful, healthy lives, ensuring we respond to the unique individual needs of each young person. Our aim is to provide support and opportunities for personal development, in a safe and nurturing environment. 


We know that transitioning from full-time care to independence is a big life step, and by focusing on the core values of providing high-quality accommodation, safety, guidance and empathy, young people are able to flourish and be in charge of their lives with confidence. 

What we do 

We provide accommodation based and floating support for young people aged from 16 – 21. We specialise in meeting the needs of unaccompanied asylum seekers, as well as young care leavers in general. Our homes are based in culturally diverse areas which best meet the needs of young people with good links to travel, local amenities, education, training and employment opportunities.

Bana CYPF will help support care leavers as they learn to live more independently.


We can help them:

  • Make plans for the future

  • Have somewhere safe and secure to live

  • Keep themselves fit and healthy, and feel good about themselves

  • Make sure they have enough money to live on

  • Find out about education or learning opportunities

  • Find the training course or career they want

  • Stay in touch with people who are important to them

  • Deal with difficulties and negotiate solutions to problems

  • Find out about their rights

What young people can expect from us 

Involvement in the decisions that will affect their future – they will be given the information and support required to help make informed decisions about where they are going to live in the future, what they are going to do and how they are going to support themselves.

This means we will:

  • work with a personal advisor/social worker from the Local Authority to develop an individual pathway plan

  • support them finding their future home

  • offer confidential and non-judgmental financial advice

  • provide their best opportunities for accessing education, training and employment

  • encourage them to develop skills in leading a healthy lifestyle and looking after their wellbeing 

  • ensure we listen and offer a safe space to share their thoughts and feelings about all aspects of their development 

  • work with Local Authority professionals to help them contact their family (if you they wish and feel safe to), and/or give a helping hand in finding a community support group.


Celebrating difference is one of our core values at Bana CYPF. Our work is based on building valuable, tolerant and respectful relationships with our young people, and those who help them. We therefore have a strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, ensuring that not only does our team come from diverse backgrounds, but we also provide a space for young people to feel safe from discrimination, victimisation, harassment, and bullying.


We believe young people have the right to be protected from harm. As independent unit providers, we are responsible for promoting the welfare of young people, and therefore uphold safeguarding policies to the highest standard. Our team are experienced in working with young people and vulnerable adults, and we operate vetting and safe recruitment practices. 



Bana CYPF 

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