Working with Local Authorities

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Children and Young People First (CYPF) London Semi-independent Unit is a UK registered company that provides semi-independent accommodation for care leavers, and provided support to young people in transitioning towards independent living.  


We are a small, dedicated team of experienced professionals from the social and youth work sectors, with extensive experience working with care leavers and young people from diverse backgrounds. We have worked with a range young people from asylum-seeking and refugee backgrounds including Syria, Albania, Eritrea, Romania, Ethiopia, as well as from the UK. 


We seek to empower young people with skills they need and deserve to lead successful, healthy lives, ensuring we respond to the unique individual needs of each young person. Our aim is to provide support and opportunities for personal development, in a safe and nurturing environment. 


We know that transitioning from full-time care to independence is a big life step, and by focusing on the core values of providing high-quality accommodation, safety, guidance and empathy, young people are able to flourish and be in charge of their lives with confidence. 


We offer modern, shared semi-independent housing in Essex with floating support. Our homes are based in areas with good transport links and close to local amenities. 

Every young person has their own secure bedroom, with a wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk (and chair) with access to a communal living area, kitchen and Wi-Fi internet.

Our accommodation meets health and safety regulations, including the installed smoke alarms, fire regulated furnishings and plan, as well as valid gas and electric certificates.


We offer guidance on accessing local and sexual health services for young people in care. Our registered nurse is able to offer confidential advice, and signpost services that can help with health issues such as contraception, sexual health, mental wellbeing or substance misuse. 


We understand how important it is  for young people to finding a community, and access education or employment, especially for those new to the UK.

That's why we're committed to equipping young people with these vital skills for living independently, ensuring they are listened to and empowered to make their own decisions. 

We provide support to asylum seekers through the application process, helping to find legal representation, attending court hearings and Home Office interviews.

Working with Local Authorities

We work with children's services teams to deliver Pathway Plans and assessment reports, setting out plans for the future and areas for development. As important legal documents, we liaise with Personal Advisers and Social Workers to ensure the young person's aspirations are always at the centre of our work. We also understand the need to revise plans when circumstances change, and look for ways to help a young person stay resilient in finding solutions.

Financial Support

We will help young people understand and claim their entitlements, and train them to manage their money. Whether it’s opening a savings account or budgeting their weekly shopping, we will work with their Personal Advisor to best guide them on managing finances. We know the process of applying for benefits like Job-Seeker’s Allowance (JSA), housing benefit or income support can be confusing, so we’ll signpost how to navigate through the forms and what to do when their circumstances change. 

Preparing for Independence

Living independent is not just about paying bills and cooking your own food; it’s also about being in the driving seat of your own life, having strong social connections, growing in wisdom and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We encourage young people to learn the important life skills to live alone, as well as where to go when they need support. 

Higher education, training and employment

We will support care leavers to apply for student loans, grants and bursaries if they want to study at university. If they're interested in finding a job or starting an apprenticeship, we will always encourage them to be aware of their options and encourage them make the steps towards their chosen path. 


We will support someone to help represent care leavers’ views. We will provide an independent advocate ensure care leavers are listened to and help them get your views across.

Disabled or ill care leavers

We will support care leavers to apply for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – a benefit for sick or disabled people who cannot work. We will support care leavers to apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – which helps with some of the extra costs caused by long-term ill health or disability.


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